Trouble Trouble Game Play & Game Controls

In the area of shooting games, tank trouble is considered to be one of the top shot game. This game can be played in online in tank trouble website. The main aim of this game is to shoot and destroy the enemy in our field. If you do not shoot your enemy then they will shoot you. Here the one who destroys the enemy tank will win the game. Among all the shooting games the tank trouble is one of the best game that can be played in online. Here in this game you will drive a tank and shoot the enemy and also you must be aware that no one in the game will shoot you it means you should keep on moving and escape from the enemies.

How to Play Tank Trouble?

You can visit our website tank trouble unblocked at school and play the game. In this you can play with different modes like 1 player, 2 player and 3 player mode. For each mode the game play will be different but the main objective of the game will be same. For each mode the game controls that are used to play the game will be different. It means the player 1 will have the same controls but for the next players you can see below.

If you know the perfect game controls and you can use them properly to win the game. All the game depends on how you use the game control keys. As much fast as you can use then the more chance you will have to win the game. Here the player 1 will have the same game controls either in the mode 1 or in mode 2. Only the other player modes will be changed. Below you can see the game controls to play the game.

Game Controls:

  • Player 1 Mode: In this mode you need to use the E S D and F buttons to move the tank. And in order to shoot the enemy tank you should use the Q button.
  • Player 2 Mode: In the player 2 mode you will play with your friend. Here you can use the arrow keys to move up and down and to shoot you should use Q button.
  • Player 3: Here you can play with the group of friends. You need to use your mouse to play the game. Use mouse left click to shoot.


Hope with you can simply play the tank trouble unblocked game at your office or school and enjoy playing the game with your friends. We usually provide all the unblocked game but we suggest the best as the tank games that will be easy to play. Play the game at any time and have fun!!!

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